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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

To make a difference

Could you put all your belongings in a backpack? Have you missed a meal today because you don't have money? My annual open studio is coming up quickly. Through a turn of events that happened last summer I became acquainted with some B.C. rural kids (ages 13-18) who didn't have a home. With last summer's sale approximately 12 kids were helped through out the duration of the school year with much needed winter clothing. It was because of those who came to my open studio and bought that those kids received help. Some of them graduated. Sometimes a little goes a long way's. This year the vice principal of the rural B.C. high school who I am continuing to work with has expressed not only a continued need for winter clothing but also for food. After all the cafeteria isn't open for supper or weekends or Christmas. Our world is full of pain and suffering and the biggest gift we can give it is to be the change we wish to see. For me the inspiration is my love for God - my husband. This year I have two framed tapestries on exhibit. My next post will be on the second smaller tapestry. The photo at the beginning of this post shows a small part of this first large tapestry. It is titled, "Two Islands" and it is from my personal collection. It was woven with New Zealand wool that I hand dyed with indigo that I grew in my garden. Indigo is an ancient blue dye with a long history. The tapestry including the frame measures 38.5" wide and 50.5" long and it is 885.00 Canadian dollars. Forty percent of that price will be going directly to pay for food and clothing for these homeless teens. Shipping is actual shipping charges only. Email me if you think you may be interested and would like to see more pictures and/or if you would like to know about my lay - away plan. In the event that you are not satisfied return the tapestry within 14 days of receiving it and I will refund your money minus the shipping charges. I want your enjoyment.

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  1. You amaze me.
    Making a difference for these homeless children, living as close to nature as you can, weaving your art, being closer to God than many ever will....

  2. What a wonderful way to touch someone's life. Your work is outstanding and the fact that you grew the indigo yourself is unbelievable to this suburban girl. You are a true artist. And philanthropist.

  3. I'm very thankful that you are there and doing what you can to help these young people that God put in your path, that you are using your talents for them and for Him.

    Your tapestry must be a thing of beauty and I hope it goes to a home where it will be loved.

    This sure post sure does put a lot of problems in perspective.