"Don't wish me happiness I don't expect to be happy all the time....It's gotten beyond that somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor. I will need them all." Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A wreath

I am picking up branches and cones and my daughter is playing beside me. My hands smell of trees and earth. I am immersed in my surroundings. It's cooler here and the light a bit subdued. Standing above us huddled together like a prayer circle are mature Douglas fir trees. Their arms are outstretched over young trees rooted in the fallen firs lying with their guts wrenched open and red earth spilling out of them. "Look," my daughter says excitedly. She hands a nest to me. It has blown out of these outstretched limbs in the winter winds. While some of the nest material is gone much of it remains. There is a piece of cotton string, blue tarp threads, clear plastic shreds, rootlets, and feathers on the rim. They are intertwined together delicate yet strong preserving this piece of woven history. A story untold. When we get home we make a wreath for the cabin door.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

White and an afghan

I love white. It brightens, creates space and it unifies other colours and textures. White carries a certain starkness and serenity and it is this blend that gives me a sense of well being. I recently finished knitting this bedspread for my daughter's bed. It is a feather and fan pattern which gives it the scalloped edge. I reworked the original pattern to include some additional rows of eyelets and I used a circular needle and cast on all the stitches I wanted. This simplifies the pattern and makes it more efficient as it requires no time to finish once I cast off. I don't write out patterns anymore - I do but they are written in lingo only I can understand. But I wanted to share this basic pattern and I found I still have the original pattern. It came from a book called 7 day Afghans. I have never knit an afghan in that short of a time frame but I have never knit all day either.
Size: 47" by 60" Materials: worsted weight yarn 28 oz; 14" long size 11 straight knitting needles or size required for gauge. Gauge is 7 sts=2" INSTRUCTIONS Panel (make 3) Cast on 54 sts. Row 1 (right side) knit. Row 2 purl. Row 3 *(k2tog) 3 times; (YO, k1) 6 times; (k2tog) 3 times; rep from * across row. Row 4 knit. Repeat rows 1 through 4 until piece measures about 59" long, ending by working row 2 of pattern stitch. Bind off loosely. To finish join and sew panels together.
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Monday, 11 April 2016

In the garden

I am working in the garden with my daughter. Last night it rained and the earth is dark and fragrant. The growth rate among the plants and leaves is phenomenal. It is a cool day dappled with sunlight behind clouds. Clouds that look like they could leak at a moment's notice. There is a hummingbird nest high up in a western hemlock bough beside the garden. Her nest receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Once I saw her voraciously attack a chickadee who perched too close. I watch her come and go. From her nest she can see everything going on at the feeder in the yard. I wish I could spend all day out here in my yard like her. I built a raised garden bed for my daughter and she is really excited about it. This is her garden and like her mother's heart she loves flowers. In the newness of spring through the emerging plant life I am contemplating the character of God. The beauty speaks of his love and in the task of caring for it I find fulfillment, peace and joy. However short or long I make that acquaintance in the time spent amongst plants their presence transforms my life blessing me. Such is the care of God. In the countless diversity of plants I see He celebrates variety in a way that I cannot comprehend.

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