"Don't wish me happiness I don't expect to be happy all the time....It's gotten beyond that somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor. I will need them all." Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Friday, 14 August 2015

Something new

Sunday morning when I went outside I couldn't help but notice drifting through the trees like a swan in the mist was my neighbour's smoke. They had lit the first morning fire belonging to fall. It was cool enough but I decided against following suit as I was going to make canned applesauce on the gas stove. It was a labour of joy and I wanted to dance amongst the apples and jars in the sweet smelling warm heat. Canning does this to me. Lunch was easy. Thick slices of toasted home made bread with peanut butter and fresh, hot applesauce. After eating we sat down to look at an August 1990 issue of "Country" magazine. It was full of evocative images celebrating a country harvest. There were pictures of children with farm animals, a combine working a lonely field and snow geese migrating through a misty sky. I was amused to see no pictures of apples or woodshed's brimming with seasoned wood. Fall is relative and means something different for everyone - but for all of us who live with four seasons it brings change. What does fall mean to you? I told my toddler we were going to move things around for something new including some of her toys. The afternoon passed quickly and while the last batch of applesauce was in the canner an apple pie baked in the oven. After the little angel was fast asleep I put on my work clothes as I needed to go and stack firewood and that's when I saw the bunny. This - like fall it's something new.
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  1. I enjoy the change of season, we have all four, in all of their stereotypical glory. Summer is my favorite, by far. I love walking barefoot on the beach, humid mornings by the pool before the world is awake, listening to the seagulls overhead. The landscape is green, the flowers are bright and I am outside. I do enjoy fall and winter as well, but only until Christmas...then I could go right back to summer again! If only! ;-)

  2. What a cute photo of the bunny and boots. I like all the seasons, maybe spring best, but they are all delicious.

  3. I can almost smell the apples cooking. How wonderful. I am clinging onto summer. I do love fall, but I am no longer a fan of winter. Such an adorable bunny. xo Laura

  4. Beautiful post.
    I enjoy cooking with apples too. My husband's favorite season is Autumn. Mine is Winter. :-))
    I love the harvest Autumn brings, the beautiful colors our Maple Trees bless us with. Cool nights and warm days. And the smell...I love the smell of Autumn.

  5. Your own day is so evocative of fall to me. I even keep one notebook stuffed with recipes that I mostly only make during the autumn months, and apples are the main ingredient in so many. Cranberries too, I can't wait till they appear in the stores.

    And yes, that first time I see smoke rising in chimneys up and down our street. A few years ago we had gas logs put in. I miss the wood fires in the fireplace and the wood stove so much but after our boys grew up and had homes of their own and were no longer available to help cut and stack the wood, it just wasn't easy for my husband to keep on with it.

    Autumn hurry up!

  6. Again, a literary journey from the description of a place, winding down to a magical and ethereal feel....something new.

    You are right; for all of us, fall or any new season for that matter, means something different. But CHANGE or "something" is inevitable. That is what makes each of our visions totally different AND interesting. What does fall mean for me? School, but of course; I am a teacher. But once the initial shock of getting back to the building and driving in the dark starts to set in in early October, then something new happens. I feel the cool air, I smell the hot oatmeal of my childhood (for we live near the General Mills processing plant where evidently, they process oats) and I become a child again....that's fall for me.

    1. I became curious how other's experience fall - this inevitable change and you've answered my question so eloquently. I find your answer extremely interesting because it is so different than my own. Thanks for sharing Anita.

  7. hmmm.... the fall in my heart... and my mind.
    always. mist. fog. red warm sweaters with hoods. the sound of rain on the windows... and swishing under cars. reflected lights on city streets... with noise muffled from cooler quieter air.
    wood smoke and cozy food. soup mostly.
    lingering among the book shelves at the local library. then curling up with a good one and a cup of something warm.
    that is fall in my mind.
    in my reality...
    heat. excessive opressive heat. it doesn't usually end until the end of november. then we have a hard freeze and it's all over.
    hopefully this year... we'll have a true autumn.
    the autumns of my childhood in other places.
    i keep waiting! and hoping.