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Sunday, 15 January 2012

slouch hat knitting pattern

Yarn: one 100 gram ball of Bernat mosaic.
needles used: 3mm double pointed needles.
Gauge: 5 sts and 7 rows to 1" stocking st
 Cast on 67sts. * k1 p1 k1 p1. Repeat from * to end of round. Repeat this round until work measures approx. 1.75" from cast-on edge. Inc approx 12 sts every round until at 3.5" from cast-on edge you have 233 sts on your needles. Knit in the round until work measures 5.25" from cast-on edge. Dec 12 sts every round until work measures 7.75" from cast-on edge. You should have 38 sts on your needles. Knit 3 rounds. Dec 6 sts every round until 7 sts remain. Break yarn, feed yarn through remaining sts on needles with crochet hook. Pull tightly and knot on the inside.

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