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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lighting the cabin and my Aladdin lamp

I bought this Aladdin #23A kerosene lamp new last summer. I chose a hanging model as it is safer with my toddler. A shade is necessary as it sends the light downward on the table. I ordered the parchment shade because it was much cheaper. I'm glad I did. The clips grip the shade downward which is unlike the way Aladdin's table lamps hold the shade up. Meaning if you drop it like I did while putting it on (and you have to take the shade off to light the lamp) it will fall. I have used it at least one full evening a week. It's bright enough that I can knit under it but not with black yarn. My only misgiving is this: twice it seems the lamp turned itself up (not sure what happened) I suddenly saw orange light and I was just sitting there quietly knitting. It scared me and I turned it down right away but I never leave it burning unattended. I am also careful about how high I have it turned up and I regularly trim and clean the wick. The instruction booklet that came with the lamp I've found very helpful as I had no previous experience with these lamps. After having used it all winter it really is lovely. It has a wonderful ambience that I enjoy. I put away all the wick burner lamps in my kitchen. The aladdin with its mantle is much brighter. Unless I am burning candles I turn on the Aladdin.
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