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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How I do laundry

Once a month I had been hauling our laundry to town until last February or so when I purchased the wonder wash made by Alternative Laundry. I bought my unit off amazon after reading the reviews. I use it six days a week and it hasn't fallen apart and neither is it leaking. I wash all of my daughter's clothing, my shirts, sock/underwear, pj's, and soft toys in it. Anything that is stained first receive's a soak and/or a scrub. It uses very little water and soap and is simple to operate. I crank it by hand for two and a half minutes or so for the wash cycle and then empty it out and refill it and then crank it for forty five seconds for the rinse cycle. As I have drain plumbing I let it empty into the kitchen sink and to fill it I pack rainwater in a bucket from a water tank outside.  I do not use it for sheets, towels, jeans, or anything that would be 'heavy' when it is full of water. Those items are to messy to remove from the top of the machine. They get washed by hand in a tote outside on my back deck. The wonderwash has made things easier and its small footprint is something I can live with.

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