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Saturday, 1 December 2012

BabyGirls First Christmas Afghan

It took me about two months to knit this heirloom lace style afghan pattern I designed. I knit an average of a hour a day. Its super soft as all knitted afghans are. Its my twist on the classic feather and fan. There is a double set of fans with a row of eyelets on either side. I want to put satin lace through these eyelet rows. I bought some "satin" ribbon (at least that is what it said on the package) and when I got home and opened it I realized it wasn't. Satin should be soft. So I will show another picture when I find real satin and am able to finish it. On christmas eve I will wrap her beautiful little self in it and myself and sing all the christmas songs I know. Ok. Here is the pattern. Cast on 234 sts on a 36" circular needle. Do not join. You will be working back and forth in rows. Row 1 knit. Row 2 purl. (First time place a stitch marker where each slash is. 18/18/3/18/18/3/18/18/3/18/18/3/18/18/3/18/18/3/18/18) Row 3*(k2tog) 3 times;(yo,k1) 6 times; (k2tog) 3 times.* Repeat from * to * once more. K1, yon,k2tog. Repeat pattern again starting from * across the entire row. Row 4 knit. Repeat rows 1 to 4 until afghan is desired length. Cast off on row 4. I used two, 380 gram balls and my afghan measures approximately 66" wide by 62" long. However for ease of pattern writing I have added an additional 36 sts. If I would have had more yarn I would have made it another foot longer as that would have made it into a single bedspread size. I liked the simple rhythm of the repeats in this pattern and found it to be good soothing knitting.
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