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Monday, 23 July 2012

Parenting as a single mother

I read Jan Reynolds Mother & Child: Visions of Parenting from Indigenous Cultures. This small book discusses the relationship of a mother and child within the sphere of a nomadic existence. Some of the people groups discussed are the Sherpas in the himalaya's and the Yanomama of the amazon. These women carried on with there work with their babies attached to them. They nursed uninhibited and unapologetic. The bond they had with their way of life and with the natural world was transferred to the child within the context of daily life. They raised children that were independent, self~reliant and self~confident. Since Babygirl was 2 days old I have carried her in the snugli. When she was 2 weeks I returned to work carrying her. She is now four months. I feel inspired by this book to continue on with what I feel is the best for her. The only thing I would have liked to ask any or all of these woman is how they managed when baby was teething?
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