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Sunday, 15 July 2012

An old knitting term

Last night I spent a delightful evening reading vintage knitting booklet number 117 titled Baby Styles. There was no date but in its day it retailed for 1.25. It was filled with beautiful babydoll layette patterns including one which Babygirl has. Its name popcorn ridge does it little justice as it is much more delicate than popcorn and more reminiscent of seed beads. The yarn I am going to use knits up nice at 6sts to an inch and most of the patterns called for 8.5sts except for a cape done in a variation of cats paw lace. All of these patterns had a term I did not recognize. I looked in the back under abbreviations and it wasn't there or anywhere else in the booklet. The term was wl.fwd. Because of the typeset I wasn't sure if it was a 1 or a l. According to a google search it is a l and its an old British term for saying yon (yarn over) or in Brit terms wool forward. Yon is apparently american. Brits use yfwd, yrn, yon, and yfm. And yes they all mean a different way to do a yon. My question: Why complicate something as straight forward as a yarn over?
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