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Friday, 6 July 2012

Baby Girls Mittens

Here is my pattern: Size 4mm circular needles with baby sportweight yarn. Cast on 28 sts. And join into a circle. K1 p1 for 1.5 inches. Next row make eyelets for ribbon k2tog,yon, repeat to end of round. Knit until mitten is 4 inches from edge. To shape top of mitten: Round 1; k1, k2tog repeat till end of round. Round 2; knit. Round 3; k1, k2tog repeat till end of round. Round 4; knit (12 sts). Break yarn. Thread end of yarn through remaining sts. Draw up and fasten securely. Thread ribbon through eyelets at wrist. Baby Girl is 3.5 months old and they still fit her hand although now that it is finally summer she doesn't need them anymore. So we will see how they fit in the fall.
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