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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Birthing Attire

This week my pregnancy calender advised me to pack my suitcase but even before I read this I've been contemplating what I should wear birthing. Personal accounts and pictures via the internet have revealed a wide sprectrum of choice. Many go nude (homebirths), some hospital gowns (hospital births), and in birthing rooms women are typically found in everything from nightgowns to tank tops to their partner's t-shirts. In today's age you wear whatever is your style or what you are "allowed" to by hospital policy.

So I've decided on black mary janes, black knee high socks and a little black, silky maternity dress that I look fantastic in. The way I see it every other event in my life has been celebrated in a dress - so there is no need to change my style. And of course I will put flowers in my hair. The only thing I won't be wearing is my underwear.

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