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Sunday, 16 July 2017


I keep a visitor book for the summer guests who visit the birdbath. This summer I recorded nine species. Their are also four other year round resident species who regularly visit. On february 20, 2015 I posted about how I made this simple birdbath. After several years the ivy is beginning to wind it's way around the post and the perennial fuchsia in front of it is filling out nicely. I have grown fond of it and appreciate the ease of being able to lift it up since I clean and refill it daily with a watering can. I took this picture of a Swanson's thrush through the kitchen window. The Swanson's is a secretive bird more known for it's flute like song than it's appearance. Typically it spends it's time in the tree top's. A pair of yellow rumped audubon warbler's were also regular visitors. Both of them nested in the tree canopy around the forest clearing. Other visitor's were golden crowned sparrows, MacGillivray's warblers, western flycatchers, warbling vireo's and robins. A pair of goldfinches are now our daily visitor's. We enjoy these sweet summer visits and look forward's to whoever else may stop by.
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  1. We have a birdbath that can be seen from the kitchen window. We watch as the birds come and go all day long. It's a fun activity. We have a few pairs of goldfinches too and they are my favorite. : )

  2. I miss being able to see birds from a kitchen window. I love goldfinches. xo Laura

  3. Beautiful bird bath with the ivy around the base! Must be nice to have these sweet visitors to your birth bath. You're helping God's creatures. Hugs to you Ronda!

  4. A garden or yard wouldn't be complete without a bird bath. I've so enjoyed our this year and delighted that we had goldfinches visit quite often. Hugs.