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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A knitted flower garden

I'm knitting flowers and even though I've done this before I am so enchanted. An excellent reference book on this is written by Nicky Epstein and it is called Knitted Flowers. These flowers are found on page 84, however there is an error in the book. If you want a five petalled small flower like the one in the book you will need 31 stitches and for a five petal medium sized flower you will need 46 stitches. These are very simple. All you need to know is a cast on, knit stitch, and a cast off. My five year old who knows the knit stitch and just finished her first scarf is now knitting a flower while practicing her cast off. Changing your needles will also give different effects. A smaller needle makes the petals more defined. Knitted or real - all flowers make me smile. Sent from my iPhone


  1. I agree! All flowers are beautiful, but yours are especially so! How wonderful that your daughter is learning how to knit too! That is so amazing! My tulips are still blooming, and strawberries starting to put on blooms, spring is exciting here, and seeing happy blooms anywhere makes me happy :)

  2. These are the dainties and sweetest creations! I can knit in a straight line, but your flowers have inspired me to try to take my skills further. What a pretty burst of spring...all year long!! :) Hoping you are well my friend.

    1. Hi Kim I am so happy that you feel inspired! The knitted flowers have been a blessing to us and have brought us joy. Ronda

  3. Very sweet. So dainty. I sense you're having a lot of fun with your knitting. xo

  4. This is an ongoing summer project for us - we are knitting a flower garden!