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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Knitting projects

I knit this ruched cowl which I have found so practical. As cowls don't have the loose ends like a scarf I find them baby/toddler friendly. In the picture I'm standing in my kitchen and behind me is a driftwood board wall collected entirely from the beach. That bundle you see on my right is Babygirl doing acrobats in my arms. For Babygirl I knit a cable and lace scarf. There are bobbles between each cable. Both of these neck warmers were knit in acrylic yarn. Babygirls scarf pattern is my own. The cowl pattern is called Wish and it came from a book called: knit and wrap 25 capelets, cowls and collars by Nathalie Mornu. A fine book and I may wish to knit another from it someday.
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