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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Cutting a quill pen

I used an eagle and a raven flight feather and an eagle tail feather collected on the island. I tempered the feathers first by soaking them in water overnight and than immersing them into hot sand I heated in the oven. I began with the eagle tail feather and I used a small sharp knife to make the cuts. Admittedly my knife skills are very poor so I used embroidery scissors to cut the basic shape and than I used the knife for finishing. Even then I shaved off tiny pieces at a time and admittedly I was very awkward at it. Still I managed to cut something that was workable enough that I could print with it. As I did it made a tiny scratching sound like mouse nails on a window pane. With as much effort as a child learning to print I wrote down a grocery list. Each letter more or less requiring a dip into ink. Did I expect the swiftness of a ball point pen? The shaft on the raven feather was the smallest and I found it difficult to hold comfortably. The eagle flight feather which I cut last is my favourite and I finished my list with it.
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  1. Very interesting!! Wonder how the writing come out.

  2. Wow! You are so creative, I liked hearing your process of making the quill pen! You should take a picture of your writing with the pens! I think the eagle one would be my favorite too. What kind of ink did you use?

    1. Hi Marilyn The ink is an unknown water based ink that I've had for years. As for the writing - it's really not that "pretty" but I love it for what it is. Ronda