"Don't wish me happiness I don't expect to be happy all the time....It's gotten beyond that somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor. I will need them all." Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Notes on cross stitch

I liked this text enough to cross stitch it and make this pillow which I have on my bed. The only way one can do what the text admonishes is to surrender one's will and look to God for His will to be done on a daily basis. If you haven't done this I suggest you try it. Cross stitch is remarkable easy. This is my second project. I find it much easier to design my own patterns. I use graph paper and do a basic outline of the shape and leave the rest to the whim of the moment when the needle is in my hand. I do all of my cross stitch with my four year old daughter and find this process works very well with frequent interruptions. She has finished two complete projects on her own- motivated completely by herself. Both of these were worked on plastic canvas with yarn. Back stitch and French knots are two other great stitches which complement cross stitch and give one greater design possibilities. Cross stitch is extremely inexpensive. All of the required supplies are available at Walmart for under 20.00. To keep in that budget I wash my Aida in hot water to remove the sizing and this softens it enough that a simple 4" embroidery hoop is more than adequate. The only other things you need are a tapestry needle and floss. Ordinary scissors work fine to trim floss and are not necessary. Patterns and ideas can be found online or in thrift stores for 1.00 or less. I would love to hear your thoughts on cross stitch or embroidery.
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  1. Cross stitch was the first crafty thing I ever learned to do and to this day it is one of my favorites. I haven't completed anything in a long time, but what lovely memories you just brought back to me and you've inspired me to start again! Pretty pillow!

  2. Kim that's great! I'm glad you feel inspired to cross stitch again. That really made my day and was the intent of my post. I know you will make something beautiful. Ronda

  3. Hello, Ronda! I haven't visited you in awhile! I love cross stitch and embroidery. I started cross stitching in the 90's, and sort of fizzled out on doing it when my eyes started having trouble seeing the squares clearly. Then I got myself some reading glasses and was able to get back into it. But I started hand embroidering as well, and kind of took off with it. I found it more enjoyable mainly because of no need to count anything. But I love both. I've actually been craving cross stitch again.

    Your design is lovely! I hope you do more projects and share here!

  4. Hi Kimberly I've sent you an email.