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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fingerless gloves

Since I found it impossible to do a selfie of both hands while holding the phone camera this is the best I could do. I actually just finished knitting them tonight and it's a good thing to because I need to make my weekly post. I knit 3 gloves but the first doesn't exist anymore. There really wasn't anything wrong with it but in my quest for perfection it was the teensy tiny flaw that tore me to pull it out and re knit it even if that meant knitting with my headlamp on. The evenings are getting so short and I should know better than to be knitting with black in lamp/candle light. These gloves replace a pair I knit 3 years ago from Shetland wool. They were very soft but I didn't think they lasted long enough so this pair is knit with sock yarn. That's a mix of wool and 25% nylon. Their not as soft but the potential longevity makes it ok. The pattern I followed was my hand. (They are both the same size. Is this a problem for some people?) Tomorrow morning I will be wearing them when my daughter and I take a beach stroller ride.

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