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Friday, 2 November 2012

The Golden Rectangle

Ok, so you knew about the fibonacci numbers.... The golden rectangle is one whose side lengths are the golden ratio which is 1.6. Why 1.6? If you take a fibonacci number in the sequence and divide it by the previous number the result is the golden ratio. It is not true of the early numbers in the sequence but if you continue with the sequence you get it every time. 5/3=1.67, 8/5=1.6, 13/8=1.625, 21/13=1.615, 34/21=1.619, 55/34=1.6176 and so forth. The history of the golden ratio goes back to ancient greece. The purpose of the golden rectangle is that you will proportionally create one that is pleasing to the eye. So to apply this to knitting an afghan let's say width (side a) =4 feet. To find out how long the other side needs to be, you multiply by 1.618. 4x1.618=6.47 feet. So length (side b) =6.47 feet. Curious I measured one of my afghans and found it to be rectangular although closer in shape to a square. Mind you it was knitted for a different purpose. Next time I will consider giving the golden rectangle a try. It appears to offer an appealing and useful sizing guide.
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