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Monday, 12 November 2012

For one red feather

Imagine. It's nap time. Your cuddled up in bed nursing your baby. Your eyelids feel heavy and your just about ready to drift off when you hear a familiar racket. You don't need to get up. You already know. Its the pileated woodpecker sending down a steady stream of bark and chips onto your roof. You wonder what are the odds of this happening during your nap time? And then you begin to wonder how did it know that now there were grubs in that snag? I did a google search and found that all woodpeckers tap on the tree and if there are grubs in the tree they will hear them. So I tapped a barkless part of the snag's base with the broad end of a hatchet and listened. Nothing. I emailed a biologist bird friend who informed me he had heard it before. He described it as a "grating" sound on a calm, warm day. With our temp(s) just above zero that could be a good explanation. I just wish that bird would leave one of those pretty red feathers behind at the base of the tree. Then I would be happy to let him excavate in exchange for that one red feather.
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