"Don't wish me happiness I don't expect to be happy all the time....It's gotten beyond that somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor. I will need them all." Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Friday, 15 March 2019

Always Indigo

Does indigo remind me of the ocean surrounding this island where I have chosen to live for most of 20 years or is it the mountains and sky? In ten days I sold my cabin. It took three years for an island realtor to sell a similar property. I knew God wanted me somewhere else. Now I am moving to an island across Canada on the east coast. Prince Edward Island will be our new home. As I reflect on the last seven years spent raising my precious daughter on this beautiful island I am thankful to God for his constant care. He has never let me down. While waiting for the lawyer's to do the paperwork on my cabin I made a much needed trip to town. After finishing errands while climbing up the steep hill out of town I noticed I was redlining the truck but there was nowhere to pull over. Soon steam was coming out from under the hood. At the gas station at the top of the hill I pulled over. I soon realized I had blown or cracked the head gasket. I didn't know what to do neither did I have much time. We needed to catch the last water taxi home so I prayed. I have learned it is the best option. I remembered God's faithfulness in all the problems since my partner left me pregnant and alone and I got back into the steaming truck and drove it all the way back - a 40 minute drive and we caught the last water taxi home. I told the mechanic who bought my broken truck the story and he was surprised the vehicle had made it so far.  God's power is beyond our finite minds. Scripture says, "The Lord....sustains the fatherless." Psalm 146:9 and that has been my experience. God does exist and He does care and he is more selfless than myself or anybody I have ever known.  I've given this second, handwoven indigo blanket - which measures 52" wide by 6'5" long to my daughter and she loves it. There is a satisfaction in working with my hands and creating useful things that are made to last. I know I am insignificant in the universe and I am awed the Creator pays attention to me. I long to know this God more. 
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  1. Wow, Ronda, bit changes for you and your daughter. How exciting! I hope you will post about the move once you get settled. I wish you much luck during this new chapter of your life, but I doubt you'll need it. Your faith is strong and seems to carry you through whatever gets tossed your way...wishing only happy surprises on your journey! All the best my friend.

  2. God bless you and your daughter
    I admire you such a strong woman

  3. OMGOSH- You are moving?! How exciting and I am sure a bit scary, too. I pray that your daughter adapts beautifully to her new surroundings. How could she do anything else with you for her mom?! I am thrilled for you and will wait to follow along on your new venture.

    What a great testimony about the truck. God is good! xo Diana

  4. Two things you said: "I have learned it is the best option" and "...and that has been my experience" -- living a life of simple, humbling trust in God is a learning experience. It hurts, but there's nothing more valuable. To have an omnipotent God to turn to in any situation, any crisis -- what is more wonderful than that?
    May your move to the east be easy and happy for you and your girl. I'm also on the eastern seaboard, but much farther south -- in North Carolina, U.S. Prince Edward Island!!! Oh, please do keep blogging, and let us visit there vicariously :)