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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Vegan carob cupcake recipe

My daughter and I made these carob cupcakes to welcome summer. They are inspired by Wilton. The daisy's are buttercream frosting and the lady bugs are royal icing with the black markings hand painted on with a brush. My five year old loved doing that. The daisy stems are popsicle sticks painted green with cake icing colour and the leaf is buttercream piped on after assembling. I used tip #101 for the petals as I find the smaller tip easier than the suggested wilton #104. Tip #12 was used for the flower centres. Carob is considered to be a healthier alternative to chocolate. Please google this if you are interested for a more detailed explanation. This recipe is gifted to me by my mother. It makes a wonderful 8" by 8" cake or 11 cupcakes. 1/2 cup sugar; 1 1/2 cups flour; 1/3 cup carob powder; 1/2 tsp. salt; 1 tsp. baking soda; 1 T. Lemon juice; 1/3 cup oil; 1 tsp. vanilla; 1 cup cold water. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another bowl. Combine. Pour into cake pan or muffin tins for cupcakes. Bake 350 for 30-35 minutes.

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  1. Oh, I need to show these to my daughter. She and her boyfriend are vegans. They love to cook and make the coolest things. I know they would make these and I would eat them!!

    1. Hi Kim If she has any questions she can email me. I really like this recipe for its simplicity. Ronda

  2. Super cute! I love seeing how you build memories with your daughter. She's one blessed little girl! Hugs.

  3. I've never made vegan cupcakes, but it sounds like a worthwhile recipe to have, if you don't have eggs on hand (which that almost never happens at my house since we have chickens, lol) but one never knows! I LOVE how you and your daughter created these together, they look adorable! Thank you for sharing your tips on how to make them. So so cute! Happy summer!