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Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Sweater and matters of the heart

I finished knitting the back of my toddler's sweater and felt a little smug. I was two days ahead of schedule. I'd also met my goal of carefully following the pattern word for word. I cast on for the left front and then it occurred to me. The pattern front is a lovely cable design but it doesn't do justice to the equally lovely smocking on the sleeves and the back. Why not add more smocking and pockets? Pockets after-all are for miniature toys, finger puppets and whatever else a two year old can hide in them. With the cables there is no room for pockets. So I parted ways with the pattern and this makes me a little nervous. I'm getting low on time for re-knits if this gift is going to be ready for Christmas morning. It's not like this is her only gift from me. It's just the one that I've poured all of my heart and soul into and that's why it matters. Yes, she is only two but I know she gets it. P.S. I did find the perfect buttons. They were in my button jar. All I had to do was look.
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  1. This brought tears to my eyes.....I know what it means to pour all of your heart and soul into the things you give your child. You want them to somehow "see" your heart within the effort. How precious that your little daughter has been given a heart to understand the love Mommy is sharing.
    Hugs from Shirley