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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The hat that is no more and the hat with a hole (same yarn)

I got this gorgeous mohair and silk blend that I'm knitting a winter hat for Babygirl. I found a cute pattern with "ears" in one of my vintage books. The pattern itself was of little use as it was only written for 6-12 month olds, the gauge was wrong for my yarn/needles that I wanted to use and it had a button closure. (I prefer ties. A button closure is more likely to stretch.) I threw all caution to the wind and cast on and got started. This is my idea of risk taking. By the fifth night I knew it was to small and I should have done a gauge and I was singing the baby blues. I pulled it out and started again with the correct amount of stitches. Mediocrity is never acceptable when you haven't done your best. The hat was coming along nicely until last night. A spark flew off my match when I was lighting a candle and landed in the centre of the hat. Before I could throw my cup of tea on it I smelled burnt wool. I pulled it back just past the hole. Misfortune is not an excuse to give up on perfection.

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